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Aaron's Norway Adventure Part 2 (14 - 26 March 2003)
(Aaron is an exchange student in Norway)

Above: In the true tradition of Wu Wei Dao, Aaron did some intensive training in the snow: It was cold and Aaron trained hard. He had to ski to the location, build a fire and then train in knee deep snow. The above photo gives new new meaning to the term "deep zenkutsu"!

Aaron "Croc Dundee" Kanters

Hey everyone.

Where do i start well i thought i would give an update on the happenings over here.

Firstly its still winter here and heaps of snow still, snowed yesterday walked home in a snowstorm which was fun. I am at school most days and its all fun for me so its the other students that have to try unlike me. Since getting here i get kinda home sick every now and then.

I miss my martial arts club back in Aussie land but all is good i have joined a Karate club here with the same kinda set up which is good. They have a very similiar style to us but no round techniques as in round house punch and round house kick. So all there techniques and kartas are based around short straight fast movements. Its the first time i have done any hard sport in 7 months so it was kinda weird getting back into it. The second time i went there we warmed up with partner sparing straight out so that was really weird ,they where gloves and go pretty hard. I got hit a couple of times but that just woke me up. We train 2 times a week and on friday a training with just some guys.

I am also playing soccer here and brought some indoor soccer shoes that cost heaps and eveyone one here is pro at soccer they are all so good its scary im the crappest by far so i usally just play dirty to get ahead.

I have been snowboarding heaps like there are always organising big trips to Sweeden and they are really fun. I hurt myself heaps when i fall esp my back but luckly im k show that is a good sign that my back is going strong. I can do a few tricks now like sum grabs and a 180 tried a 360 laned on my head and kinda became really dizzy after that so i stopped that day.

Everthing is so exspensive over here like HJ's is 20 for a normal meal and cloths are like 150 for a pair of jeans etc. So living costs are very high sending mum and dad broke. I got Euro tour coming up on the 25 april so i will be touring around Europe for 3 weeks should be really good. We tour by bus which shall be interesting with that many hrs and 28 girls and five guys on the bus. Shall get a bit crazy esp if we are all tired.

Well what else im in my first host family and they are really nice very good english and i get along well with them. They have 2 daughters one is 2 years old and a 5 month year old baby so yeah things can get pretty noisy. But other wise things are good.

As for my social life well its doing fine. Im usally out most nights but things have settled down and the novelty of being a Australian has set in. But jsut about every weekend im at a party or at least out with friends then i will try to go snowboarding play sport or watch ppl play sport like the girls handball team this weekend is there last game i think.'

Oh i jsut been down to Oslo the capital for four days which was cool got to meet other exchange students and got to hang out in the big city which is about a quarter of Perth. I went to go see the ski jump long distance really fogy but really cool it was huge and heaps of ppl there and Norges go crazy for there hero in the jump.

All i can say is the cold is bearable and im havin a ball hope everyone is doing good.

PS Derek i see you came back after i left so it was safe to go back to wu wei dao. Well ill be back (Arnold shwazaneger voice ..............i know i carnt spell)

Welcome Back! (30 January 2003)

To Sempai Malcom Reeson and Shane Colley both of whom have been away for for years (exactly how many you will have to ask them!). Both of these 'veterans' have spent quite a bit of time overseas and we had heard rumours that Sempai Malcolm had married and settled down in Norway (which is what may happen to Aaron - see below!). No doubt they have many stories to tell both of their adventures overseas and of the 'old days' of Wu-Wei so catch up with them in the coming weeks.

Aaron's Norway Adventure begins! (28 January 2003)

For those who do not know Aaron's away for a year in Norway as a Rotary Exchange student. Here is his first email:

Hey all how is everyone.

What can i say but wow crickey or in noriegen Jeg!!!

Jeg heter Aaron. good to show people i'm learning Norweigen fast hahahah.

Well the flight over here was a killer but i made it with my worry of getting lost mugged or raped j/k . Besides all that my parents got a letter about credit card forgery as i had breakfast in london and withdrew money for launguage camp in Norway but thats all cool now.

I was the first rotary person to arrive and i arrived at a country to was white and not kiddin ya it was white as white can get. They are such rich people as everyone knows Norway is the most exspensive country in the world and they take great pride in Architechture etc etc. i met 11 other Rotary people at the airport which were all nice 1 newzealand guy and the rest aussie chicks all nice people. So off we went from there and to a disabled Red cross camp. where we were put in little dormatories which were nice. Now by this time i had put about 10 extra layers on and my turning circle diamerter increased by double.

we got to know each other at the camp and learning the launguage was long and hard for me anyway so i just asked the NZ guy what everything meant as he was so smart. Which my teacher didnt like etc etc. So during this week we went snøscootering that was wicked (we wernt driven em) then we went dog sledding and i tell ya all there dogs are freaky but nice. then we went horse sledding on the frozen lake but there was a weak layer of ice on the top that kept cracking so sum girls were gettin a bit scared sumtimes but thats k.

We finished launguage camp on sat and did a performance for sum ppl. We met sum crafty Noreigen guys but the way, which i versed one of them in ping pong and lost only bcause i wasnt tryn.

But on sunday we all said goodbye and we went our seperate ways. I flew up to Røros and settled into my home 4 the next 2 weeks . My host mum is nice as and she is really funny and she buys nice food. Its just me and her but im busy all the time with the counsler Ole who is everything in this town there isnt anything this man carnt do.

The town is beautiful and it has so much character. I love the snow hahaha but already got sick badly but im k now. I met up with sum ppl last night for coffe One American girl and sum twins and another girl all noreigen all nice and pretty. They all laughed at the aussie accent which i milked it for every thing it was worth. Then i met two guys as they were coming up the stairs the chicks go he is not gay which i found funny as just cause they dress differently that doesn't mean shite. But all went well.

I am doing the media course at school which im gonna like as my main teachers are young blonde and good looking a change i say that should be enforced in Australia. Today was my first day at school wich i was so nervous about and i went to class and got weird looks but the teachers were like be nice and they all started talking to me which was sweet as sum were very pretty ahhahaha. They are 1 yr younger than i am but i dont mind really. And we had athletics today and we played basketball/rugby game were all u have to do is get the ball in the hoop no rules so u can tackle push bump etc etc i literally stood there for 5 mins laughing as i saw like 15 ppl aside beat the shit out of each other even the chicks were in on it. Soon i got into it (by the way the teacher plays and he is the most dirtest of all) then the teacher kept going for me even though i didnt have the ball so soon i just turned aroudn and fully tackeled him and put him in a headlock which was hilairous as ! no other student really went for him soon i let him go and he just laughed so the match soon became one on one which i had a ball.

There is also a ski lift in the centre of town which is so cool i just gotta get a snowboard now. And in three weeks there is a huge market thing here with like 20000 ppl coming and tonight im going to watch the girls train in handball yay!

Thats all i got at the moment so keep in touch all.

2003 Intensive Training Report (20-25 January 2003)

Well done to all those who took part in the Annual Intensive Training Course held from Monday 20 January to Saturday 25 January. In particular Well Done! - to those nine people who attended 100% of the sessions! (No Fil, you do not qualify for the certificate if you only missed one! - it is a certificate for 100% attendance only!).

Those who attended all or most of the sessions (or at least the morning sessions) will agree that concept of the course is epitomised by the Chinese character Ren (Nin in Japanese - as in Ninjutsu) - to endure.

Note that the character is made up of the pictograms for 'heart' (lower half) and 'knife edge' (top half) - In other words: "In order to live at the cutting edge of life one must have a big heart."

One of our eight dojo kun puts it this way: 'Be untiring and unceasing in your endeavours in spite of all obstacles'. Certainly when the alarm goes off at 4.15am there seems to be an obstacle or two to overcome before you can convince your tired muscles to get you out of bed!

For those that did get out of bed and arrive at Swanbourne beach for a 5.00am start there was a brief warmup, some taiji practise and then the dreaded soft sand run (actually jog or shuffle would describe it better)! After that a few sprints and some exercises ensured that we were well and truly warmed up and wide awake (or worn out - whichever way you look at it!). After some streching, the rest of the session involved embu (2 person kata practise) - first practised solo then with a partner - probably the best way to develop a set of reflex responses for use in sparring (or self defence).

Evening trainings were a lot easier physically with the emphasis being on learning both empty hand techniques and the use of various weapons.

The final morning finished with a big bang with the good news being that we did not have to do a soft sand run and sprints and the bad news being that we were going to do 1000 kicks instead - which we did!

After finishing the session with some wrestling and throwing techniques in the water most of us returned to the Swanbourne dojo for a well deserved hearty breakfast. In particular, Ashley, Sam and Jono cooked up a storm of pancakes which were an excellent substitute for a birthday cake - it being Kancho Nenad's 39th birthday (Thanks guys - very tasty! - Kancho Nenad).

Congratulations! (28 January 2003)

Congratulations to Sempai Natalie and Tim Brown for graduating from their University Courses with an Honours Degree in Science (majoring in Anatomy and Human Biology) and a Law Degree respectively. We also wish them fulfilling and challenging careers in the 'real world'!

Seasons Greetings (25 December 2002)

Merry Christmas to all Wu-Wei students and their families. Have a safe, relaxing and enjoyable festive season and a Happy, Successful and Prosperous New Year. Let us all think, wish, pray, visualize, and work towards peace in this troubled world this holiday season - Kancho Nenad.

Xmas Training (23 December 2002)

The last training of 2002 was held on Monday 23 December. Traditionally the 'Xmas' training is a tough one and Clement was overheard to say afterward that he had never sweated so much in his life. No doubt the heat helped in this regard (it had reached 40 degrees earlier that day) but handstand pushups, sets of 100 kicks in a row off one leg and other exercises may have been contributing factors!

To everyone who attended: Well done and thank you for your efforts - not only at this training but throughout the whole of 2002. Enjoy the break from training and remember that we resume on Saturday 4 January. Remember also that the Annual Intensive Training Course is scheduled for 20 - 25 January 2003. See you next Year!

Xmas Dinner (20 December 2002)

The venue for the Wu-Wei Xmas dinner this year was easy to choose as our newest student Clement Chan (welcome on board Clement!) told us that his family own the Good Fortune Chinese Restaurant on Cambridge St. Wembley. So it was that on Friday 20 December we all enjoyed a pleasant evening and an excellent meal and good company. In fact, some people must have enjoyed themselves a little too much judging by their absence at the Saturday training the next morning!

Above Left: Natalie and Trevor; Above Right: Jono, Sam, Tim and Aaron 'karate sickness kid' Kanters

Above Left: Paul describes how Arnold Schwartzenegger did it in 'Total Recall' while Jono winces;
Above Right: Sempai Adam, Kancho Nenad, Tania and little Caitlin (on loan from Sempai Craig and Ellie!)

Update on Derek's travels (posted 20 December 2002)

Here is an email Kancho Nenad received from Derek Watt:

I thought I'd send a quick update of my travels just in case anyone was wondering if I'll ever be back in the dojo. The answer is yes, but not until the end of January - maybe later if my money holds out.

At the moment I'm in Amsterdam, finishing off a good two week travel around the Netherlands. Before that I spent a week in Dublin and Paris respectively. In a couple of days I'm heading up to Scotland to celebrate Xmas and New Years. Aparantly the Edinburgh "Royal Mile" street party is one of the best parties in Europe as far as New Years goes. After that I head to Bilbao in Spain to see a couple of recent cutting edge buildings, and then I'm off to explore northern Greece for two weeks.

After all this I plan to head to Thailand and lie on a beach for a good week or two and do absolutely nothing except swim, eat and drink.

I'm having a ball and really getting used to not working full-time, in fact not working at all. Hope everyone's well back home, best wishes to all for Xmas and New Years.


Brown Belt Grading (14 December 2002)

Congratulations to Tim Brown and David Zimmermann who graded to Brown 2 and Brown 1 respectively. Well done guys and keep up the good work!

Sempai Tim Brown nets an 'A' with his essay on Wu-Wei (posted 11 December 2002)

Sempai Tim Brown wrote an essay on Taoism and Plato (and Natural Law) for a final year law assignment. He gave a draft to his lecturer with a view to obtaining comments before finalising the essay and it was returned with an 'A'!. Well done Tim! You can read it here but Tim asks that you please remember that it is, essentially, a draft. In his words: "Despite the fact that I proof read it once or twice before I asked my lecturer to read it, there are probably still going to be a few grammatical errors. Just ignore those!!"

Kancho Nenad and Tania are back from their honeymoon (9 December 2002)

Kancho Nenad and his wife Tania have just got back from their belated honeymoon in New Zealand. They had a had a great time and certainly packed a lot into the holiday: They drove around both islands, went abseiling, rockclimbing and caving, climbed a volcano, Mt Ngaurahoe (using crampons and iceaxes as there was snow and ice - in summer!). They hiked and tramped at every opportunity although the sun and sand flies were quite unbearable at times. Kancho Nenad observed that: "The sun sure is fierce in NZ - even more so than in Western Australia. It's deceptive because often the air temperature can be quite chilly in the shade. Climbing Mt Ngaurahoe we were both badly burnt before we realized."

Nenad and Tania also went on a guided ice climb on Franz Josef glacier, hired dirt bikes in Queenstown and hired road motorcycles on two occasions - once to ride from Queenstown to Milford Sound and another time to ride the Arthurs/Lewis pass circuit from Christchurch. According to Kancho Nenad: "The New Zealand roads are great for motorcycling but the weather is not so good - both times we were rained on, the second time for the whole 2 day trip!".

Click here to see some photos of Mountaineering, Iceclimbing, Motorcycling, Scenic views, etc

Kancho Nenad would like to thank Shihan Dan, Sensei Martin and Sempai(s) Natalie, Craig and Jeremy who all did a great job of running the dojo while he was away.

Self Defence Course (25 September 2002)

On 25 September 2002, Kancho Nenad, assisted by Sempai Natalie held a self defence seminar for the annual "Working in the West" Conference at the Rendezvous Observation City Hotel in Scarborough. The seminar was a practical hands-0n workshop which focused on the need for self-defence skills in a post September11 world.

Kancho Nenad told the participants that before September 11 2001 authorities worldwide had advised people not to resist muggers, armed robbers, rapists, hijackers and the like. Now that has all changed and it is clear that there are times when a person has to either fight, and risk all, or die a pointless death. Thus just as knowledge of CPR and basic water safety are essential life skills, everyone should at some time or another learn basic self-defence.

Kancho Nenad went on to say that learning self-defence skills was a form of empowerment that opened up more choices to a person in a conflict situation. Rather than using self-defence techniques at the first opportunity, Nenad emphasised avoiding confrontation wherever possible, and where not possible, suggested methods for conflict resolution through non-aggressive means. However, when faced with no choice, he advised participants to follow the old Wu-Wei maxim:

· Avoid rather than Check.
· Check rather than Hurt.
· Hurt rather than Maim.
· Maim rather than Kill.
· Kill rather than Die.

Feedback from the participants indicated that, should they ever face a life threatening situation in the future, they would be better prepared to defend themseves having completed the seminar. Also, notwithstanding the serious nature of the material covered, everyone said that they enjoyed themselves.

Above: Kancho Nenad supervises participants practising evasions against knife attacks.

Subiaco Post Newspaper article (21 September 2002)

On Saturday 10 August 2002 Wu-Wei Dao was fortunate to host visiting martial arts master and martial arts historian Professor Bata Milosevic who held a hands-on seminar at our Nedlands dojo on the subject of European mediaeval martial arts. The Subiaco Post Newspaper published this story in their September 21 2002 edition.

Kancho Nenad marries! (7 September 2002)

On Saturday 7 September 2002 the Chief Instructor of Wu-Wei Dao Kancho Nenad married his girlfriend of 3 years, Tania, in a Orthodox ceremony in Tania's hometown of York (Western Australia). They enjoyed a mini-honeymoon 'down south' for a few days and are now saving for their 'real' honeymoon in New Zealand scheduled for November of this year (Click here for photos).

Letter from Derek Watt (posted 13 August 2002)

Good Afternoon Wu-Wei Ladies & Gentleman,

It's near on a month since i flew out of perth and about time i let
people know that i'm still alive and at large. well living large at
least. if there's a city in the world that has anything you could ever
want, london is it. anything except for, of course, quality of life.

i've been quite suprised at the severe class distinctions over here.
given that i'm travelling on aussie dollars, i've had a great
oppurtunity to sample the lower end of the scale. at the moment i'm
living in kings cross, and if Tim thought soho was dodgy then he
should've taken a 2 hour walk through my neighbourhood. he would have
had a chance to do some hands-on wu-wei training that's for sure. in
fact the only thing really dodgy about soho is the amount of obnoxious
tourists. that and some of the chinese restaurants.

as i spent most of my money in the first few weeks, i've taken on some
architectural contract work for eight weeks - it's mainly large scale
documentation work for a medium sized firm. the big boss here is a man
called stefan zins who is about 100 and from a country that i haven't
quite discerned yet. he speaks like the godfather.

this work should repair my financial situation somewhat and take me
through until the end of september where my plan is to head over to
germany for the oktoberfest. from there i'm hoping to meet up with
george in turkey and spend time swapping photography tips for classic
architecture lessons. if all goes well that is.

i'm going to wind this up now as it looks like stefan is heading over
my way. needless to say i'll send through updates as they occur. in the
meantime, take care and train hard. that means you too aaron.

cheers, derek.

Derek's membership book photo

(Derek can be contacted at

Professor Milosevic Mediaeval Martial Arts Seminar (10 August 2002)
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Tania wins Avon Descent! (posted 6 August 2002)

Kancho Nenad's fiance Tania Lawrence took part in the 'World's Longest Whitewater Race', the two-day Avon Descent, and not only finished but with her paddling partner David Worthy, won the K2 (double kayak) mixed class and finished 3rd in the K2 class overall!

Tania wishes to thank all those Wu-Wei members that supported her attempt and especially Natalie and Trevor who provided invaluable assistance both in the lead up to the race and as a support crew during the two day event.

International Karate Alliance (posted 24 July 2002)

Kancho Nenad has just joined the International Karate Alliance a large group of Martial Artists (mainly instructors) all from different systems represented in several countries coming together to share knowledge. When you check it out click 'training tips' and look at some of the interesting bunkai performed by various instructors.

Shihan Sal Ebanez Seminar (21 July 2002)
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Liability insurance crisis affects martial arts schools (posted 18 July 2002)

Further to the earlier news item posted 30 June 2002 (see below) here is a newspaper clipping from the West Australian of 12 July 2002:

News From Tim Brown (posted 15 July 2002)

(Above: Left to Right - Tim's membership book photo; signing the visitors book at the summit of Ellen Peak during the 2001 gashuku; Tim with drenched Gi jacket at his brown belt grading in Bo kumite action with Trevor.)

Sempai Tim Brown (who, as it happens is a brown belt!) is in London seven weeks. Tim, a student at the Perth Notre Dame university, has taken up the opportunity to do three law degree units at the Notre Dame University in Soho. (I guess it's a case of 'a change is as good as a holiday'). Tim has borrowed a portable chin-up bar (designed to wedge into a door frame) from Kancho Nenad and is keeping up his training and stretching as best as he can. Here is an e-mail from Tim:

Hello Kancho, Shihan and everybody back at the Dojo.

I hope everybody is doing well, and I hope everybody is attending training as much as I was before I left. To keep up the spirit as it were!

What have I been up to? Well aside from spending most of my time down at the University attending lectures, I have been walking around discovering the city (as opposed to walking around discovering tourist destinations). I have done my fair share of sight seeing; Big Ben (which is not all that big!); the National Gallery which, I thought, had a great display of medieval art (others were less than impressed with that era), which is right across from Trafalgar square and about 100m from the University. I have also been to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard, but all really I saw there was other tourists with cameras taking pictures of people taking pictures of the changing of the guard. After that experience I have decided to give the whole playing at being a tourist thing a miss, I hate being one any way so it doe not bother me all that much if I miss out on some obsure English ritual like the changing of the guard!

So mostly I have been simply wandering around the city seeing the city itself. And because the place I staying is good 30-40min walk fromthe Uni, it gives me a great oppurtunity to wander the back streets observing the people and looking for good shopping! That said, I am walking for at least an hour and a half everyday, though usually more as I like taking the long way home; that is, if there is a street I have not walked down before, I'll walk down it to see what is there. This has lead me to discover some most interesting places in the less than virtuous side of Soho, a part of town, which I personally believe has more character than most other parts of London put together.

Thus, aside from the two blisters on each foot and a constant feeling of hunger from all the exercise, I have earnt a great appreciation of inner city London, and at the same time an even greater appreciation of good ol'Perth. Certainly, I have decided, London is a great place to spend a few idle (or not so idle as the case may be) weeks, anyt length of time beyond that could be seriously hazardous to ones health (and demeanour!).

Anyway, aside from the study and the exploration of the city, I have managed to keep up my training (though walking is helping to supplement that). The first week however I was unable to train. Due to an unfortunate accident with an overly heavy (and very crappy) suitcase, which, incidently, had to be carried in both arms, and a steep flight of stairs. I rolled my ankle badly on the thrid day I was there. And instead of resting it (I would have put ice on it except for the fact that nowhere in the place I am staying did there exist anything remotely useful as to the purpose of freezing water), I insisted on walking around on it that very evening (for well over an hour). Whether or not that was in fact a good idea or not, it seemed that the more I walked on it the stronger and more limber it became. At the moment it is fine for walking (the blisters are more annoying, but are easy to ignore), but is still only about 90% and still a little bit swollen just above the ! ankle. Kneeling is hard, Lying Hero Pose is extremely painful and in fact anything dealing with pointing the foot is uncomfortable.

It does not however(nor do the blisters), prevent me from training. I have been doing about 2-3 training sessions for the last two weeks (in fact I just finished one before writing the e-mail). After warming up, I will spend about an hour on Kata or Basics before doing a set of exercises (Pushups and crunches) and then a set of weights in the University gym (I have also been using the portable chinup bar back at the dorm, much to my fellow students bewilderment). So all in all my training sessions are usually a little over two hours long, plus the walk home (which may be anything up to 3 hours!).

My Yoga practise was put off by the ankle a little longer however, and several poses are still very uncomfortable. That said, I did my first session on Thursday, and plan on doing another tomorrow (Monday).

With all this exercise I am hoping to keep up my fitness for when I return. And to work of the very fatty English food. This has unfortunately turned into a rather vicious cycle: I exercise to work off the food, yet the exercise leaves me with an insatiable appetite....

Oh well, I have rambled on about nothing for long enough already, and besides I need to go walk home and check out some shops on the way (not that I am buying all that much. NB: Nenad, if you happen to know of a martial arts supplier in London I would be most appreciative to know where it is, I can't find one anywhere!).

I must apologise for all the stupid spelling and grammar mistakes, I hate proof reading.

I hope your all well and training hard.

I hope to hear from you soon,


(Tim can be contacted by e-mail on or

Congratulations to Sempai Craig on his 1000th lesson! (posted 3 July 2002)

While the attendance records for the month of June were being entered into our database it was uncovered that on June 1st 2002, without any fanfare or celebration, Sempai Craig Dunlop had attended his 1000th Wu-Wei Dao training session. This is a milestone worth pausing to reflect upon (but only for a moment!). Please give your belated congratulations to Craig when you next see him.

Happy Birthday (posted 3 July 2002)

Members that have had, or will have, birthdays around this time of the year are:

Jarrad Watt: 17 June
Patrick Mattes: 25 June
Tom Stoney (new member of the Children's class): 2 July
Aaron Kanters: 21 July
Branko Mijatovic: 26 July (his 21st!)
James Broadhurst: 30 July

Wish them a Happy Birthday on the day if you can!

Membership fee rise as a result of the Insurance crisis in Australia (posted 30 June 2002)

As the media has been reporting for some time now, the liability insurance crisis has impacted on all sporting groups throughout Australia and Wu-Wei Dao is unfortunately, no exception. We have just renewed our insurance policy and as the premium increased by 100% we have had no choice but to increase the annual membership fee from $55 to $65 to cover this increase. Monthly tuition fees and all other fees will remain unchanged.

News from Shihan Dan (posted 22 June 2002)
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Grandmaster William Cheung Seminar (16 June 2002)
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