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Sixty-year-old female Kung fu fighter nabs robber (26 Feb. 2004)

From ABC news:

A 60-year-old woman in China has taken the law into her own iron fists, using her skills as a kung fu enthusiast to catch a robber, according to state media.

The woman was strolling down the street with a friend in the south-west Chongqing municipality when the young criminal grabbed the friend's earring and ran away, China Daily said.

However, the 60-year-old chased after him, catching him after 600 metres and keeping him in a tight clasp until police arrived, the newspaper reported.

Kancho Nenad's trip to Japan (24 Jan. - 7 Feb 2004)

During his recent trip to Japan Kancho Nenad was fortunate to be the guest of Sensei Takayuki Kikuchi for part of his stay. Sensei Taka, as he likes to be known, is a 5th Dan Kendo and Iado master and the President of the Kutchan Kendo Association. In the photos he is shown demonstrating Iado (sword drawing) kata at his dojo, teaching a class and showing off his 300 year old katana at his home.

Kancho Nenad also attended the Sumo "Grand Final" in Tokyo while in Japan and took these photos of the action:

'Sayonara' to David and Flik (11 January 2004)

Popular brown belt David Zimmermann and his lovely wife Flik (Felicity) have moved to London for about two years to get a taste of living in "the big smoke".

David tells me that in order to stay warm he has joined a gym and begun training with our cousin organisation 'Kushido karate-do' under Sensei Peter. The dojo is very small but has a very positive environment. Apparently Sensei Peter has a very similar attitude to the students and instructors at Wu-Wei Dao. David is assisting Sensei Peter by helping train the white belts and, as a result, hopes to build some good basics.

David also plans to travel to Camberly on a regular basis, which is about an hour out of London, where Kushido has a bigger dojo and more senior students. He also may attend a seminar in Switzerland in April which will be attended by students from Dojos in Hungry and Israel as well.

On the personal front Flik has started work and David is hunting for a job. They have managed to find a flat in Notting Hill across the road from Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park (like Kings Park) where, in his own words "there is loads of space around us to go running and enjoy the fresh air", although David is looking forward to it getting a bit warmer in April/May.

David has already been surfing over there kitted out in a wetsuit, boots, gloves and hood. This apparently made it nice and warm everywhere except his face. David wrote: "Everytime I dived under a wave it was like putting my face in a bucket of ice. This is the pain I must endure for a sport that I love so I am sure I will get used to it."

David also says "hello" to everyone at training and looks forward to catching up and training with everyone in September when he and Flik return for a couple of weeks to attend a friend's wedding.

(David and Flik can be contacted at

Intensive Training Course (5-10 January 2004)

The 2004 training year started with a bang with the annual week-long "Morning Course". They say that a picture tells a thousand words so I'll let the pictures do the talking:

(for a description of the photos please place your cursor over the photo)

5am start soft sand run straight from the run into pushups

belt rows sled tows were exhausting but fun sled tows were exhausting but fun

sled tows were exhausting but fun army-style crawling was a great exercise army-style crawling was a great exercise

Ushiro geri (back kicks) sanchin kata Kancho Nenad demonstrates Tensho kata

Ash and Sam practise Naifunchin kata Shane and Michael practise Seiyunchin kata Seniors practise Seipai kata

Mae geri (front kicks) Tim: mae geri relaxing over breakfast!

Season's Greetings (24 December 2003)

To all Wu-Wei Dao students and their families: Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It has been a great year with everybody training hard, inspiring each other and making great progress. I have certainly enjoyed myself and I am proud of you all.

Keep up the good work next year and don't forget the Intensive Training Course which starts on Monday 5th January at 5.00am! Don't forget also that the first lesson of the year is actually on Saturday the 3rd of January - we'll use that lesson to ease back in before really blasting out the cobwebs bright and early on Monday morning.

The Tai-ga class resumes on Tuesday 12 January 2004 and the Kids' class on Tuesday 3 February 2004.

Enjoy the break and stay safe!

- Kancho Nenad

PS - Shihan Dan sends his thanks for your kind thoughts and regards as he recovers from surgery in hospital and wishes you all the best for the Festive Season.

Congratulations to Sempai Craig and Ellie! (6 December 2003)

Their new baby boy named Cameron was born at 8:52pm on Saturday the 6th of December. He weighed 6lbs 11 oz and both he and Mum are doing well.

CPR Course (20 November 2003)

In accordance with Wu-Wei Dao grading requirements Ashley Lau and Derek Watt have just completed a "Basic Life Support Course" in order to learn CPR and basic first aid. Completion of this 3 hour course is a prerequisite for Green belt (seniors) and Purple belt (juniors) but more importantly it is a vital life skill that everyone should learn at some point.

It is important to remember that as students of Wu-Wei Dao we seek to develop as balanced individuals with a wide range of strengths and abilities so as to be prepared and able to deal with a variety of situations that may confront us.

Well done, Ash and Derek. In the same way as we hope to never have to fight to defend ourselves (but prepare for that eventuality), let's hope you never have to use your resuscitation skills.

[Note that for Brown belt, "Senior First Aid", and for 2nd Dan Black belt, "Bronze medallion" (water rescue) qualifications, are required.]

Congratulations To Scott Ponton and Chantelle - A Baby Girl! (15 November 2003)

The Wu-Wei Dao baby boom continues with yet another new addition! Her name is Bayley Rose and she was born to Scott and Chantelle on 15 November. Scott tells me she weighs in at only 6lb 2oz (2775grms) and is just 53cm long but is very strong! All is going well with Chantelle but Scott is at home on his own with Madison (who loves her new little sister) and hopes he will survive until Chantelle gets home on Saturday! Scott will be away from training for a while as he concentrates on being a full-time father.

Gashuku 2003 Report and Photos

Click here

Nidan Promotion Course (16-17 August 2003)

Nidan candidates Malcolm Reeson, Natalie Djurdjevic, Craig Dunlop and Jeremy Clark recently attended a weekend "promotion" course. The course, which was held by Kancho Nenad and Shihan Dan was part of their preparation for promotion to Second Dan Black Belt (Nidan). In order to be attain the new rank they now need to pass both a written instructors' exam and a practical grading test as soon as they are ready.

Congratulations To Sensei Martin and Edith - A Baby Boy! (12 August 2003)

On Tuesday evening 12 August 2003 Sensei Martin became a Dad when his wife Edith gave birth to a baby boy, Matthew Kevin Cox. Mother and baby are well and healthy and are presently resting at St. John of God Hospital in Murdoch.

Sensei Martin confessed that his first choice for a name for his son was "Jet" but apparently he was overruled by Edith. You can pass on your congratulations by calling Martin's mobile: 0408-566737.

Renshi Paul Ceberano Seminar (10 August 2003)

On Sunday 10 August, Kancho Nenad, Sempai(s) Nat and Jeremy, Trevor Aung-Than, David Zimmermann and Ashley Lau attended a seminar held by the well-liked and respected Melbourne Goju-kai instructor Renshi Paul Ceberano 4th Dan. Renshi Paul took the group through a vigorous workout beginning with body evasion skills, progressing through variety of kumite drills with an emphasis on the use of groin strikes and foot sweeps. In the final hour these techniques were applied firstly in slow and soft, 'give and take' free-sparring (randori), and later in fast and spirited jiyu-kumite which was thoroughly enjoyed by all (a few bruised shins notwithstanding!). It was also a great workout as I'm sure those participants willing to admit to a few sore muscles the next day will testify!

Thanks to Renshi Paul, Sensei Les and Sempai(s) Johnny and Paul. We look forward to training together again soon.

Above Left: Renshi Paul about to demonstrate; Above Right: Sensei Les and Trevor.

Above: Kancho Nenad and Renshi Paul in jiyu-kumite action.

Above: David Zimmermann and Sempai Paul mix it up.

Above Left: Sempai Jeremy rests but Ash takes no chances; Above Right: Smiles and outstretched hands were the order of the day!

Above (front row): Sempai Natalie, Ashley, Sempai Jeremy
(back row): David Zimmermann, Sempai Johnny, Sensei Rod, Renshi Paul,Kancho Nenad, Sensei Les, Sempai Paul, Trevor Aung Than

William Cheung Wing Chun Seminar (22 June 2003)

On Sunday 22 June 2003, Kancho Nenad, Sempai John Yeomans and brown belts Tim Brown and David Zimmermann attended a seminar held by Wing Chun Kung-fu Grandmaster William Cheung. The Grandmaster covered a variety of interesting fighting drills including defences against grapplers. As usual it was an enjoyable experience to train with martial artists from a different style and to see things from a different perspective. Click here to read about and view photos from a previous visit by Grandmaster Cheung).

(Left to Right: David Zimmermann, John Yeomans, Grandmaster Cheung, Kancho Nenad, Tim Brown)

Perth, burglary capital of Australia (Posted 22 June 2003)

Recently the media has claimed that Perth is the "burglary capital of Australia" - a claim Wu-Wei Dao's Nick van Leewin and his family would have no reason to disbelieve. What is most worrying is that the intruders entered the house when everyone was home, were armed (with Nick's Arnis sticks and perhaps other weapons as well) and were clearly ready to violently confront anyone who tried to stop them. Nick's dad wrote this letter to the paper:

"Games without Frontiers, War without Tears"
- Wu-Wei Dao Paintball Game (25 May 2003)

Recently a group of Wu-Wei Dao students and their friends and family spent a Sunday playing the adrenaline-filled, physically strenous and sometimes painful game of paintball (see photo of Jed below!). For those not familiar with the game or Peter Gabriel's hit song it is a wargame played with airguns that fire M&M sized pellets filled with coloured paint.

Left: Jed shows what happens when you are shot from close range.

It was a fun day out and everyone confessed to having stiff and sore muscles at the following Monday's Wu-Wei Dao training. For some unlucky gamers that were shot at close range there were also bruises to remind them of the experience! In particular brown belt Jed Handmer suffered some very painful looking bruises as a result of an attempt to flush the 'enemy' out of a bunker. Proving that heroism in 'warfare' doesn't pay, Jed was opened fire on by 3 persons from point blank range as he appeared in the entranceway.

Passing of a Great Master (Posted 20 April 2003)

Jan de Jong: Feb 6, 1921 - April 5, 2003

It is with sadness that I report the passing of Perth's 9th Dan Ju Jitsu Shihan Jan de Jong on 5 April 2003 at the age of 82. Shihan de Jong was not only one of the finest gentlemen I have met but with his humble and yet dignified demeanour he was the very epitome of a martial arts master. Shihan Dan and I (Kancho Nenad) consider it a privilege to have not only had the honor of his aquaintance but to have trained under his tutelage on a number of occasions since our first meeting in 1988.

Jan de Jong was born in Holland on February but grew up in the Dutch East Indies ( now Indonesia). There he studied ju jitsu and the Indonesian martial of pencak silat. Returning to Holland in 1940 to further his education his plans were interrupted by the outbreak of the second world war. As this event also cut off financial support from his family he started teaching ju jitsu in order to support himself. He did not spend the war in the relative safety of civilian life however, choosing instead to become a member of the Dutch resistance against the nazi occupation - a part of his life he modestly played down.

When the war ended he returned to returned to his home in the East Indies and later emigrated to Perth in 1952 where he founded the first martial arts school in Western Australia. Over the years almost every martial arts instructor in Perth either commenced their training with him or trained with him at some point.

As one of the highest graded and experienced martial artists in the world, Jan de Jong regularly conducted seminars around the world to pass on his knowledge (click here to read about one of his teaching tours). He was described by a fellow martial master Shihan Roland Maroteaux as "a member of the worldwide elite of great martial arts masters, to whom mere words cannot do justice in describing."

In addition to his 9th Dan in ju jitsu, Jan de Jong also held back belts in pencak silat, aikido (an art derived from ju jitsu as it happens) and shotokan karate. In 1990 he was awarded the Order of Australia for his services to martial arts.

Shihan de Jong is survived by his wife Margaret, seven children, 13 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

You can read more about the man and his martial arts school here

Death of Shotokan Karate Master Keinosuke Enoeda (Posted 16 April 2003)

On 29 March Shotokan karate master Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda aka Tora (Tiger) passed away in Japan. Sensei Enoeda was one of the few contemporary masters who could count Gichin Funakoshi, the great Master and founder of modern Shotokan Karate, as one his teachers.

Born on 4th July 1935, Enoeda was a strong and natural athlete who had already achieved a 2nd Dan in Judo before beginning karate at age 16. With a combination of excellent instruction (his main instructor was the famous Sensei Nakayama) and fiercesome determination, Sensei Enoeda went on to graduate from the JKA instructor’s class and become one of Japan's finest ever karateka.

Sensei Enoeda's link to Wu-Wei Dao dates back to 1965 when four highly graded Japanese Shotokan karateka (one of which was Enoeda) were brought out to South Africa to teach karate. The South Africans were so impressed by their ability that all participating clubs (including Wu-Wei Dao's parent organisation) joined the Japan Karate Association.

In time, our parent organisation made the change to Okinawan Goju-ryu and we have since encompassed a variety of ancillary arts but the strong foundation built in those early days, thanks to instructors such as Keinosuke Enoeda, remains at the core of our martial arts system.

Goju Kai Seminar (13 April 2003)

On Sunday, 13 April Kancho Nenad, Tim Brown and David Zimmermann attended a seminar held by visiting karate instructor Renshi Paul Ceberano 4th Dan.

Renshi Paul, the eldest son of one of the pioneers of Goju kai karate in Australia, Kyoshi Tino Ceberano, has been practising karate since he was 5 years old and has been teaching for over 20 years. Based in Melbourne, Renshi Paul was in Perth at the invitation of Sempai Rod Darling's Attadale group.

In the 3 hour seminar Renshi Paul covered a variety of karate conditioning exercises and drills before teaching methods of sabaki (body movement) and then applying them to kumite (sparring). Throughout the seminar Renshi Paul's teaching ability was exceeded only by his easy-going, friendly manner and obvious passion for his art.

The seminar concluded with demonstrations of kata by all Kancho Nenad, Renshi Paul and their students so as to give an insight into the differences and similarities between the Okinawan style of goju ryu karate as practised by Wu-Wei Dao and the Japanese goju kai style as taught by Renshi Paul. That the katas were so similar given the degrees of separation from the original versions taught by Chojun Miyagi nearly 100 years ago is certainly amazing.

The similarities did not end there however. Renshi Paul's philosophy is that karate should engender such attributes as good manners and respect, and that it should ultimately help a person to become a positive part of the community - a philosophy that the Wu-Wei Dao College wholeheartedly embraces. In this regard Renshi Paul clearly teaches by example.

We thank Sensei Rod Darling for inviting us, and his students for training with us. David Zimmermann described Sensei Rod and his students as "very enthusiastic martial artists - determined to learn and succeed." We look forward to hosting them in our dojo in the near future.

(Left to Right: Renshi Paul, Kancho Nenad and the attending group)

See also Links for Ceberano Martial Arts Website (among others)

Milestones Achieved! (11 April 2003)

Congratulations to Sensei Martin for logging 1500 trainings on 15 January 2003, and also to Tim Brown for logging his first 500 trainings on 9 October 2002. Unfortunately these facts only came to light a few days ago and in fact to the end of March Martin had achieved 1517 and Tim 575 trainings attended.

Bruce Lee's Final Scenes (to be screened on SBS TV Sun 8 April 2003)

A Scene from Game of Death

As his fans well know, Bruce Lee didn't live to complete the film Game of Death. This film was put together a few years after Bruce Lee had passed away. Of the 100 min. of Game of Death only 20 min. stars Bruce Lee. The remaining 80 min. was completed by two Bruce-look-alikes. This perhaps was the reason for the failure of this movie.

Award-winning film-maker John Little set out to remedy that and the result can be seen on Sunday at 9.30pm on SBS. Using Lee's original script notes and choreography writings, Little created a documentary that includes all of the action sequence footage shot for the film. Finally the world can see what Bruce Lee had in mind for this film. If you want to see the original (crappy) version of Game of Death - it will also be shown on SBS - at 11.05pm on April 12 (Story courtesy of Kelli Bombardieri of the Guardian Express).

Here is a review from

Skip the fictionalized bio Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, and instead take a look at this John Little documentary. While you're at it, don't bother watching Game of Death anymore either. This film contains 41 minutes of lost footage showing the master in action, edited together based on Bruce Lee's own notes.
"To me, ultimately martial arts means honestly expressing yourself." So says Bruce Lee in archival footage shown in John Little's documentary film Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey. And if anything, A Warrior's Journey is an honest, heartfelt expression of love for the legendary Lee. Aside from the narrator's awkward pronunciation of "gung fu" and the less than inspired dubbing performances by Kareen Abdul-Jabbar and Ji Han Jae for the reassembled Game of Death footage, the dedication put forth by the filmmakers really shines through.
For one thing, the sheer amount of footage squeezed into this one hundred minute film is proof enough of the filmmakers' love for the man. From Bruce Lee's clean-cut 1965 screen test to his home movies to Lee's rarely seen appearance on the television show "Longstreet", this disc has it all. There's even impressive footage of Bruce showing off his unbelievable one-finger pushups and his famous "One-Inch Punch." To witness Bruce Lee propel a man backwards with a punch from only an inch away (and knowing for a fact that it isn't Hollywood trickery) is truly a sight to behold.
The primary justification for this film is the fact that it showcases the lost forty-one minutes of footage Bruce Lee shot for Game of Death before his untimely demise at age 32. This is not Bruce Li or Bruce Le, but the real, honest-to-god, Bruce "Little Dragon" Lee in, for all intents and purposes, a practically brand new movie! Robert Clouse's 1978 version of Game of Death was an ill-advised tribute that leaned more towards travesty. But based on the recovered footage and Little's reconstructed storyline, Bruce Lee's Game of Death would have been the Dragon's most personal film and a perfect forum for his philosophical outlook on not just the martial arts, but life itself.
The film succeeds in allowing its audience the opportunity to gain a better understanding of Bruce Lee the man, rather than the myth. Most laymen tend to see Bruce Lee as a "karate guy" caricature, instead of the truly deep, highly philosophical person that he was. Watching Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey brought me closer to knowing Bruce Lee as a living, breathing human being than the aforementioned Jason Scott Lee "biopic" ever did. It's just a damn shame that the real Dragon is gone forever. (Sanjuro 2002)

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