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Intensive Training Course Report (11-16 April 2005)

Those students who attended this course (with two training sessions every day for a week - at 5.00am and 6.00pm), will have no doubt understand what Napoleon meant when he spoke of "the rare courage of early morning". Personally, I had to rise at 4.15am in order to be able to make it in time for the 5.00am start. If that isn't tough enough, when you add to the early morning a run with sprints, lots of shiko (horse stance) basics and other fun activities (all performed with increasingly sore muscles and increasingly weary bodies as the week drags on) - then it must be a rarer courage still!

We in Wu-Wei Dao believe it is essential for all students, irrespective of grade, to sharpen their skills from time to time in order to keep their 'edge' and guard against going 'soft'. Intensive Training Courses serve this function by 1) cramming the equivalent of one and a half months of normal training into one week; and 2) by featuring intensive and supplementary training that cannot normally be included in the usual training sessions due to time restrictions.

Intensive Training Courses emphasise the importance of the character 'Nin' (or in Mandarin: 'Ren') - lit."to endure" in the martial arts.


This concept is epitomised in one of our eight dojo kun: "Be untiring and unceasing in your endeavours in spite of all obstacles". As these courses are not easy, successful completion has a positive, motivating effect on all facets of one's life. "Well Done!" to everybody who participated and especially to those individuals who attended 100% of the sessions! Keep up the good work and remember: "You're only as good as your next game."

Above: Seipai kata.

Above: Shisochin kata.

Above: Seiunchin kata.

Above: Gekisai kata.

Above: Shihan Dan corrects Derek's Naifunchin kata.

Shihan Dan teaching black belts.

Above: Throw kata application.

Above: Weapons training.

Above: Kama (sickle) drill.

Above: jo embu.

Above: Bo vs Kama drill.

Above: Nunchaku drill.

Above: Arnis sinawali drills.

Above: Some of the Intensive Training participants pose for the traditional "cannon" photo.

Above: Hungry lads cooking up a feast after the final training.

Above: Breakfast on the final morning was a relaxed affair.

Hanshi Tino Ceberano Seminar (2 April 2005)

On Saturday, Sempai Jeremy, Ashley Lau and Kancho Nenad attended a seminar with Tino Ceberano 7th Dan Hanshi. Ceberano Hanshi's name and reputation was synonomous with Gogen Yamaguchi's Goju-kai from the 70s right up until Master Yamaguchi's death in 1989. Tino Ceberano was the first Westerner graded to 6th Dan by Gogen Yamaguchi and was a regional chief instructor for the Goju-kai organization right up until his independence in the 1990s. Ceberano Hanshi is now 64 but still moves like a much younger man. He not only moved with lightning speed in the various kumite and Filipino martial arts drills he taught during the seminar but demonstrated that he could still put his leg out in a head height yoko geri and hold it there.

What was also clear was that Ceberano Hanshi was very open, friendly and humble - clearly a man who has "been there and done that" and has nothing to prove. Accompanying and assisting Ceberano Hanshi was Kyoshi Hutchinson 6th Dan who also shared his deep knowledge in a relaxed and friendly manner.

Left to Right: Sempai Jeremy, Mannie de Matos, Sensei Nenad, Hanshi Ceberano, Kyoshi Hutchinson and Ashly Lau

The seminar was enhanced by a "bonus" feature in the form of a segment taken by golden gloves boxing trainer and security consultant Mannie De Matos who took us through some boxing pad drills and also talked about how to use martial art skills in real world confrontations.

Demonstration at the "Mortal Combat" Fight Night (19 March 2005)

Kancho Nenad, Sempai Jeremy and Tim Brown held a Wu-Wei Dao demonstration of karate kata, bunkai and embu at the "Mortal Combat" fight night held at the Midland Military Markets on Saturday 19 March 2005. This event included martial artists of various disciplines (Muay Thai, Burmese Bando, Choy Lay Fut, Tae Kwon Do, Freestyle karate and others) fighting it out in the ring with gloves according to modified Thai Boxing rules. The organiser, Alan Pond, invited Wu-Wei Dao to perform a demonstration. In his own words he said "I think your intention to demonstrate kata and then display the application of those techniques within the kata is very appropriate for this event. I also think it is important to show the public another side of martial arts training, not just the sport form that the show is based on."

We think the demonstration went well. It's always a good sign to receive compliments from security staff as such people usually only have time for practical and effective martial arts.

The event will be screened on Channel 31 TV in approximately 2 weeks time - so stay tuned.

Here is a short video of part of the demo. (It's a wmv file about 1MB in size)

Married! (30 December 2004)

Belinda and Jed were married on the second last day of 2004 some 7 years after meeting at the 1997 gashuku. Congratulations and Best Wishes to them from everyone in the Wu-Wei extended family!

(for more wedding photos click here)

Guro Dan Inosanto Seminar (20 December 2005)

We were very fortunate to be able to train with the famous martial artist Dan Inosanto, the friend, student and training partner of the late great Bruce Lee. Guro Dan certainly lived up to his reputation demonstrating a phenomenal ability and knowledge of multi-disciplined empty hand and weapon skills. What was even more amazing was the way his physical ability belied his age. We were astounded to find out that he was 68 years of age as he kicked, punched, grappled, fell and got up again as well as a (well trained) man of any age.

Tim Brown, Gavin Aung Than, Guro Dan Inosanto, Kancho Nenad and Trevor Aung Than

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